Trying Triathlon Finish

Whew! I finally have a few minutes to write about my first triathlon experience.

I did it!


It was by the hardest, but I crossed the finish line. I had issues on every leg of the triathlon. And, as you can see in my picture, I made the rookie mistake of putting on sunscreen after I got “numbered.” See the smear?


I had a panic attack in the pool. Why? Good question. I have been training in a 25 meter pool and the swim yesterday was in a 50 meter pool. In addition, the pool I am training in has a shallow end (four feet). The triathlon pool? No. Shallow. End.

So halfway thru my first lap, I couldn’t breathe. This feeling of doom overcame me and I felt like the other end of the pool was getting farther and farther away instead of closer.

My breast stroke came in handy and I made it thru after resting a few seconds after every 50 meters. At this point I was thinking that I should have had the volunteers draw a big “L” for loser with the sharpie on my forehead.


So, after my stellar swim performance, I transitioned to the bike. As I crossed the mount line, hopped on my bike, and started to pedal, my pedals spun and I went nowhere. Why? The chain was off.

By this point, I was almost ready to give up. I still had not caught my breath from hyperventilating in the pool and I was starting to feel very defeated. So I froze.

If it had not been for two volunteers who ran up and helped, I don’t know how long I would have just stood there staring at my bike in disbelief, while panting like a dog. It’s not like I don’t know how to put the chain back on, I just couldn’t move!

After the chain crisis was averted, I was on my merry way.


The run crisis was not too bad. Running is my strongest sport of the three and its just where I feel more comfortable. Perhaps because I have been running longer than swimming and biking.

My only issue with the run was wet, squishy socks. It was to the point of where I wanted to pull off my socks and shoes and run on the hot asphalt barefooted. But I didn’t.

I waved to Mike the Tiger (LSU’s mascot) as I ran by. He was not impressed.

Tomorrow morning it is back master’s swim class. I gotta do something about this swimming issue and overcome it before my next triathlon.

Next? Triathlon?

Did I really just type that?


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2 Responses to Trying Triathlon Finish

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Yes you did just type that, because now you’re hooked – you know you can do better and you’re going to show you who’s boss. Welcome to the club!

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