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What’s your function? Anyone remember that from Saturday mornings?

I have been reading alot of blog posts lately regarding nutrition. This prompted me to take a look at my own diet and how far I have come. I haven’t really paid a whole lot of attention to what I have been fueling my body with because once I was on my way to a healthier lifestyle, it just came naturally.

I listened to my body.

My normal diet consists of about 90% healthy foods and 10% not so healthy foods, give or take a little. I am the woman at work who gets teased for always eating so healthy.

I like eating healthy foods.

Two and a half years ago, that wasn’t the case. After routine bloodwork at my doctors office, I was told that my cholesterol and triglycerides were sky high and I was on track for heart disease. But there was a simple solution. A new diet, lose 35 pounds, and my numbers should come down.

My doctor scheduled me to return in a month for additional bloodwork. The dietary changes would last a week. My exercise plan would last a day. My cholesterol continued to rise and my weight was going in the wrong direction.

It became a vicious cycle. I promised my doc I would make the lifestyle changes on a monthly basis but the numbers didn’t lie.

It was time for medication.

After balling in his office because I felt like such a failure, I was placed in several medications. I have been pretty healthy my whole life and the thought of having to start taking daily medications made me feel old. I filled the medications and felt sorrier and sorrier for myself with every swallowed pill.

Then the side effects kicked in.

I began to suffer from joint pain and had difficulty getting out of bed. I couldn’t sleep at night because my joints felt like someone was hammering my knees and elbows all night. This was the last straw.

I got my sh!t together.

I made the decision to lose the weight and get off the medicine no matter what it took. I went on a popular fad diet and dropped the weight fairly quickly with no exercise.

Once I started eating regular foods again, I made healthier choices. Then I got the bright idea that I wanted to run a half marathon. I never ran a day in my life.

I found and began a training plan and well, here I am today, a runner, a swimmer,and a triathlete!

And I am medication free!

Plus, my weight keeps dropping and I don’t follow any strict diet rules. My body is changing in so many good ways. Running has done wonders for my legs. My doctor is astounded and loves to hear my stories about my latest athletic accomplishments. Sometimes I think he is more proud of how far I have come than I am!

My greatest hope in sharing my story is that I can inspire others to begin the same journey. It is possible. If I can do it, you can, too!

I have a family, a stressful job that requires long hours, and a dog that requires more effort sometimes than the kids.

Yet I make time for my running and swimming because it makes mama happy. If mama is happy, everybody’s happy!

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