Mom You’re Just Jealous…

it’s the Beastie Boys! Happy Mothers Day to me! I hope that you all treated your mothers with kindness today.

I had a great day and I am pumped. My run tonight was fantastic. After a torn calf scare and taking a couple of rest days to ice, the pain and swelling had subsided. I decided to go for a short run tonight to test it out.

Wow, what a run.

No pain. No issues whatsoever. I was feeling so great that i was running at a faster pace than my normal 10:30-11:00 mile. At one point I looked at my Garmin, and holycowIalmostpassedout, I was running at a 9:13 pace. I did a double take because I do not run that fast.

I did not KNOW I could run that fast.

And of course, once I saw that number, it was all over with. I started breathing so hard that I had to walk and catch my breath. I walked for a minute or so, and then I was back at it. Once again, I felt I was running at a fast pace but I was scared to look this time, so I just kept running.

Upon arriving home, I could not wait to upload my run and check out my statistics. I was feeling mighty nauseated but I chalked that up to the two cookies I ate before my run, not to mention all of the other junk I ate today.

Holidays were made for eating.

At certain points during my run, I was running at an 8:39 pace. Now, some of you are not impressed by these numbers, but for me, this is a huge accomplishment. I am a slow, endurance runner. I have been feeling pretty great about my 10:30 pace and I never imagined that I could run at less than a ten minute pace but less than 9?

Even though I can’t sustain a 9:00 pace for a very long distance, it still feels pretty damn incredible that I can even hit that pace.

Now I am wondering what I have been doing training or nutrition wise that may have contributed to this PR. Was it the rest? Maybe it was the sugar rush from the cookies? The new playlist on the iPod that included Beastie Boys?

All I know is that I will be listening to Beastie Boys on every run. And munching on cookies.

(Just kidding about the cookies.)

Time for new goals.

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