My One Year Runniversary

It’s my anniversary! Okay, it was really six to eight weeks ago, but I am celebrating today. How am I celebrating? By reflecting on what I have learned over the last year.

In my first year of consistent running, I have run several 5ks, a 10k, a half marathon, and a triathlon! Now, here’s what I have learned.

1. The only person holding me back is myself.
2. I love running at night. The silence of the darkness is calming and relaxing.
3. I know what a Piriformis and IT band are.
4. Fartleks are not what you think they are.
5. Runners high exists and is an awesome feeling.
6. I can run a half marathon.
7. Gu is nasty.
8. Even the best and most experienced runners struggle to get out there sometimes.
9. It’s okay to have a “bad run.”
10. Any run is a good run. At least I am out there and not sitting on the couch.
11. The only person I need to compete with is myself.
12. I LOVE swimming. Especially when it’s too hot to run.
13. It is imperative to have a gait analysis done before buying running shoes.
14. Running in the rain makes me feel like a badass.
15. I LOVE triathlons.
16. I need to train on my bike more often. (I don’t ride it at all)
17. This is actually a lifestyle change for me.

I look forward to the challenges that I will face and the obstacles that I will shred over the next year. It has been a great year and I hope that year two is even better.

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One Response to My One Year Runniversary

  1. loseitbig says:

    Great list. I had to look up Fartleks and you are right they are not what I thought.

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